A Full Spectrum of Addiction Healthcare Services

The CARMAhealth model was designed to seamlessly meet the treatment needs of healthcare needs of patients in all phases of the addiction treatment cycle.

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Striving To Cover All Your Medical Needs

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Primary Medical Care

Primary Medical Care for Addiction The disease of addiction persists even after patients complete their treatment programs. The residual medical issues associated with prolonged and untreated drug and alcohol abuse need ongoing comprehensive care. Individuals with substance use disorders need access to healthcare like everyone else, [...]


Behavioral Health Services

Peace of Mind and Lasting Mental Health Whether it occurs alongside addiction or independently, mental health issues can severely impact individuals’ overall wellness and quality of life. CARMAhealth is committed to providing a seamless continuum of care for this population that includes individualized counseling [...]


Addiction Recovery Support

Addiction Recovery Support in Texas and Florida Addiction is a legitimate and complex medical issue that must be treated at the physical, behavioral and lifestyle levels. It is a chronic condition that requires ongoing care even beyond the initial treatment process. CARMAhealth is fully [...]


Medication Assisted Treatment

A Valuable Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Resource As part of our full suite of addiction support services, CARMAhealth provides safe, effective and professionally guided medication-assisted treatment to eligible patients. Medication-assisted treatment is the use of certain FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use disorder. When [...]


Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services for Addiction Recovery Support CARMAhealth is committed to remaining at the forefront of healthcare science and technology. We offer remote telehealth addiction services via a secure, encrypted live video link to your provider. Access to our telehealth service is available directly through [...]


TMS Therapy

What is TMS Therapy? CARMAhealth strives to offer the most advanced, innovative and effective therapeutic modalities to give our clients a state-of-the-art, well-rounded care experience. To that end, we have teamed with healthcare technology leader BrainsWay to offer the highest and deepest level [...]

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