In August of 2017, President Trump declared the United States opioid epidemic a national emergency, signaling that he would put considerable weight behind finding avenues to combat prescription painkiller addiction and subsequent fatality. That same year, over 70,000 Americans overdosed on drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone and especially fentanyl. Since the declaration, there has been relatively little movement in the way of funding, regulatory initiatives or legislative action. At a summit in Atlanta this past week, he signaled that his administration will once again be redoubling their efforts to combat this urgent and pervasive public health issue that’s killing more and more Americans each year.

A New Era of Accountability?

During his address, President Trump made a point of discussing how he didn’t take money from pharma companies to fund his campaign. This comes on the heels of the widely publicized fall from grace of Purdue Pharma owners, the Sackler Family. In a recent investigation, it was revealed through emails, court documents and other materials that the family downplayed the risks of their flagship OxyContin product, while also endeavoring to profit from the exploding opioid addiction treatment landscape. The maneuvers have come under fire from lawmakers and the general public, which may be an indicator of a new era of accountability for drug companies and the doctors who push their product.

What Is Truly Needed To Combat Opioid Addiction?

Comprehensive opioid addiction prevention requires interventions at multiple levels, including next-level clinical treatment, including maintenance medications, behavioral rehab, long-term management and much more. Prevention requires taking an in-depth look at the causes and sustaining factors of opioid abuse, such as accountability from the medical community, drug makers and others. It’s also critical that we realize that opioid addiction is everyone’s problem, regardless of cultural or economic background, and that proper ongoing medical care is key to successfully overcoming this disease. CARMAhealth offers comprehensive medical and behavioral care for those suffering from opioid addiction, no matter what happens in the political landscape, we are determined to help you or your loved one reclaim your future.