Specialized Addiction Healthcare

CARMAhealth is a full-service healthcare provider offering integrated treatment services to individuals battling acute and long-term health issues related to substance abuse.

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Healing the Mind and Body

CARMAhealth is committed to providing patients in recovery for substance use disorder (SUD) with a full array of healthcare services to help them manage the medical and mental health issues sustained through prolonged and untreated drug and alcohol abuse. We also offer an array of treatment resources for those actively trying to overcome their addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.



CARMAhealth’s treatment model is conceived, developed and implemented by experienced, qualified and compassionate professionals, from our medical leadership to our doctors and therapists.

Carlos Tirado
Carlos TiradoFounder and CMO
Dr. Tirado’s clinical expertise in addiction treatment and different systems of care has directly informed the fabric of our program, and ensured quality care for all of our patients.
David Kramer
David KramerMedical Director
Dr. Kramer is board certified in General Psychiatry and has worked extensively in the Addiction Psychiatry field for over 20 years. His leadership and guidance have helped CARMAhealth grow.
Steven Powell
Steven PowellMedical Director
Dr. Steven Powell is board certified in Family Medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. His expertise has helped shape CARMAhealth.

Telehealth Services

CARMAhealth offers convenient and streamlined remote access to quality care providers and vital health services via our telehealth portal. Patients can connect with our clinical staff and avail themselves of many of our services no matter where they are. Start exploring our telehealth services today.

CARMAhealth Telehealth System

Treating the Lifelong Disease of Addiction

Addiction recovery is a lifelong endeavor requiring ongoing management of associated medical and mental health issues. CARMAhealth works with patients at every stage of the treatment process to ensure they have the medical and behavioral health assistance they need to thrive in recovery. Our full continuum of care services, includes:


Quality Care Anywhere

Our convenient telehealth services and multiple locations mean that you or your loved one have access to quality offsite care using cutting-edge health telecom technology. You don’t have to live your life in pain and sickness. Call CARMAhealth today.



CARMAhealth routinely works with most insurance companies to make treatment more affordable. Contact us today to learn more.



If you’re feeling vulnerable to relapse, our clinicians can provide referral to rehab, treatment therapy and other vital care services.



Our professionals provide a comprehensive examination to assess the full scope of patients’ needs prior to starting treatment.

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