Project Description

Diagnosis, Support and Treatment Guidance for Patients throughout the Country, No Matter Where they Are.

Telehealth Services for Addiction Recovery Support

Participating health plans now cover telehealth visits for established patients. You can use our convenient portal to connect with your provider for scheduled and visits as needed.

  • Remote Monitoring and Admissions
  • Remote Education and Advice
  • Individual Medical and Behavioral Health Services

What Are Telehealth Services?

Telehealth addiction services incorporate the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to provide long-distance healthcare. This umbrella of services can cover a variety of areas, including testing and diagnosis, specialist consultation, behavioral therapy and counseling and more. CARMAhealth relies on the use of electronic records-management and other telecom resources to provide accurate, thorough and timely medical assistance wherever possible.

We offer remote healthcare services via a live video link through which you can consult with your provider and get the help you need from anywhere in the country. Telehealth services are ideal for patients who are unable to come to any of our physical locations for whatever reason, whether they’re still in treatment, awaiting legal proceedings or are simply unable to remove themselves from their career, family or other lifestyle obligations they have.

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CARMAhealth strives to provide lifelong medical and behavioral care and support to individuals struggling with past and present substance use disorder.
Integrated, intuitive and compassionate care through each stage of the addiction treatment and recovery cycle, from detox to long-term management.
Expert care, compassionate support and lasting advocacy as you or your loved one endeavor to regain and manage your medical and behavioral health.

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