Project Description

CARMAhealth offers compassionate, effective and judgment-free care and support for those struggling through various stages of substance use disorder.

Addiction Recovery Support in Texas and Florida

Individuals with alcohol, sedative and opioid problems can be safely withdrawn from these substances outside of a controlled environment. Our providers can develop an individualized withdrawal schedule for short, intermediate or extended tapers.

  • Medical Detox for Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Outpatient Behavioral Rehab
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Sober Living and Transitional Housing
  • Individual Counseling

Supportive, Compassionate and Judgment-Free Care

Stigma and judgment are two of the most common barriers to treatment, and they can easily prolong active substance abuse. Whether this stigma is self-imposed or embedded in the institutions from which they seek help, it can very easily derail addicts’ pursuit of care and a better future. CARMAhealth is committed to reducing this stigma and giving our patients a safe, supportive and compassionate environment to heal, no matter what. We go beyond the stigma and embark on a collaborative course of treatment that allows patients to fully buy into their care and engage with their recovery. This sense of participation offers empowerment, builds confidence and helps patients remain more enthusiastic about maintaining their sobriety. Contact us today for addiction recovery support in Texas or Florida.

CARMAhealth strives to provide lifelong medical and behavioral care and support to individuals struggling with past and present substance use disorder.
Integrated, intuitive and compassionate care through each stage of the addiction treatment and recovery cycle, from detox to long-term management.

Expert care, compassionate support, and lasting advocacy as you or your loved one endeavor to regain and manage your medical and behavioral health.

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