Medical and Psychiatric Professional services, including Medical Directors, are an important part of treatment and aftercare. At CARMAhealth, our services are designed to provide your organization and clients with the right services, at the right time and at the right cost. We are located in Texas, Florida, and Virginia and have the ability to support patients both in-person and virtually.

Summary of services

  • Medical Directorship Services
  • On Call and Admission Review Services
  • Psychiatric Professional Services Staffing
  • Medical Professional Services Staffing
  • Consultancy Services

Value Description
Enhance your treatment services and improve client satisfaction with telehealth including both psychiatric and primary medical care

Reduce off-site transport for non-emergency medical needs
Complex admission support and authorization within a 1-2 hour window including record review and contact with referring medical provider as needed
Ensure 24/7 on call availability, and reliable staffing providing daily and weekly visits to ensure continuity of care and health plan compliance
Collaborative medical management with a team that incorporates feedback from program staff to enhance patient experience and achieve program goals

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