From Claire Whitehead, FNP-C:

I am writing to inform you that my last day with CARMAhealth will be January 11 th , 2021. It has
been my pleasure to work with you over the past several years.

I, along with all the staff at CARMAhealth, want to make sure that this transition is as seamless
as possible for you. Should you choose to stay with CARMAhealth for your healthcare needs
you can expect the same considered and professional care that I hope you’ve enjoyed with me.
You will be scheduled for follow up visits with our medical staff, and we will work with you to
ensure that your medication refills remain current as guided by our clinic policies.

Your healthcare records will remain with CARMAhealth. Should you choose to seek healthcare
elsewhere you may request a copy of your medical records by calling the office at 512-355-
1405; by emailing the office at austin@carmahealth.com; or by submitting a request through the
patient portal. You will need to submit some paperwork to obtain or transfer your records, so
please allow ample time for this transition.

Claire Whitehead, FNP-C