As the need for effective and safe addiction treatment becomes more and more apparent, clinicians and treatment professionals are working harder than ever to make innovations to help each and every type of unique patient. With more Americans succumbing to opioid overdose every year, ways to effectively treat substance abuse and addiction is one of the country’s leading public-health pursuits. When examining methods of effective substance abuse treatment, it’s important to assess the primary goal of the substance abuse treatment process and determine which methods best serve those ends. While this may seem simple enough in theory, patients routinely find programs that miss the mark and often leave then to relapse.

Detox and Withdrawal Treatment

Effective substance abuse treatment must address the physical and psychological aspects of the condition; like the old song says: you can’t have one without the other. Treatment should begin with detox and withdrawal management to help patients achieve balanced physical health and regain their lucidity. This process also allows patients to identify and address any serious medical conditions that may have occurred through prolonged and untreated substance abuse. This process should be handled by and addiction-trained medical professional who is familiar with the symptoms of withdrawal and can intervene in the event of a medical emergency.

In-Depth Behavioral Rehab

Rehab and behavior modification is the second critical component of effective substance abuse treatment. it allows patients to address the root causes of their substance abuse and any underlying mental health issues that may have sustained it. Rehab also allows patients to develop long-term behavioral coping strategies to help them avoid relapse in the face of inevitable temptation. The process should include supplemental therapies, group therapy, individualized counseling and more. Patients also work with their treatment professionals on a customized aftercare plan that includes contact information for local support groups and recovery meetings.

Identifying the foundation of effective substance abuse treatment helps clinicians create programs that offer their patients the most targeted addiction care possible.


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